Harbortouch Lighthouse™

A new home for HTO

Harbortouch Lighthouse

A complete overhaul.

Lighthouse by Harbortouch was set to replace its existing HTO (Harbortouch Online) platform as a web-based solution for managing the company's POS units, get a full financial overview and create usage reports.

Harbortouch Lighthouse

Completing the Kit.

A comprehensive UI Kit was created so that Harbortouch developers could easily update the app and add new controls and sections later on.

Lighthouse UI Kit

The kit included every UI element from modal windows and buttons to icons an and menus.

“KDS has consistently shown top quality across all our projects. We’re extremely happy with their work.”

Jun Park - Project Manager, Harbortouch

Conceptualizing a new look.

Harbortouch 2.0

Harbortouch 2.0

It’s all about integration.

In 2014 Harbortouch asked us to create a demo of how we envisioned their online presence for the coming years. Working closely together, we created a platform that merged the current corporate website and their sales tools, creating a one-stop, self-served online ordering application.

Harbortouch 2.0

The new homepage featured a simple starting point for future customers to configure their package.

Harbortouch 2.0 UI Kit

The wizard-like interface of Harbortouch 2.0 allowed the consumer to order, purchase and configure their own Point-Of-Sales system.

“A wonderful creative team."

Nate Hirshberg - Marketing Director, Harbortouch

The Sales Team goes mobile.

Harbortouch Sales Center for iPad™

Harbortouch Sales Center

A complete product showcase and sales tool.

Harbortouch wanted a mobile solution for their sales team, an iPad app that could handle everything from showcasing the company’s POS products and accessories to creating and submitting merchant accounts applications, all in an easy to use, wizard-like environment.

A familiar approach.

Targeted at not-tech-savvy users, Sales Center for iPad™ features a familiar yet modern look based on a binder metaphor, in which each merchant application is individually set up in its own notebook.

Harbortouch Sales Center

Each individual merchant account application form is clearly labeled, and a progress bar shows how much has been completed.

Harbortouch Sales Center UI Kit

As usual, a complete UI Kit was developed for easy exporting to Xcode during the development phase.

Table for two, please.

Reservations for iPad™

Harbortouch Reservations for iPad
Harbortouch Reservations for iPad

The setup wizard allows restaurant owners to easily set up reservation blocks and tables.

Harbortouch Reservations for iPad

Reservation blocks can easily be created and edited for each day of the week individually, setting aside a different amount of tables for each block. This allows for the level of flexibility Harbortouch clients needed.

“They simply got our style right away."

Brendan Lauber - CTO , Harbortouch

It’s all about the perks.

Creating Harbortouch Perkwave™

Harbortouch Perkwave
Harbortouch Perkwave

The concept was simple: scan the QR code when the check arrives, earn perks. Easy. The app would allow the user to find participating restaurants, either looking up by type or nearby on a map.

Harbortouch Perkwave

Perkwave allowed you to scan and link credit cards to your account, so they would be easily accesible inside the app. During the checkout process, you simply selected which card to use and pay.

Find. Earn. Redeem.

Perkwave let you find restaurants, earn perks and redeem discounts, win badges and make reservations at your favorite restaurants.

Harbortouch Perkwave