Snap. Select. Save.

Designing the Burea iPhone app

Burea for iPhone

The concept.

The idea behind Burea is quite simple really. The app would let you snap your receipt using your iPhone’s camera, scan the individual items and show you participating products. After that, is up the user to select which offers to redeem.

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Burea for iPhone

A clear navigation for a clear experience.

One of the requirements for the design was to create an engaging and atractive user interface. We created a set of colorful icons that we implemented across the app in order to create a fun and clear interaction.

Burea UIBurea UI
Burea UIBurea UI
Burea UIBurea UI

“The quality of the finished product was simply outstanding."

Stephan Maganto - CEO, Burea Puerto Rico

Burea Logo

This shouldn’t be so complicated.

Solving the problem of redeeming offers

1. Snap your receipt.

2. Select the offers.

3. Redeem and save.

Burea for iPhone

One of the most important aspects of Burea was to design an easy and intuitive redeeming process. It shouldn’t be complex and cumbersome, the entire process should take no longer than 10 seconds. We designed and interface that allowed the user to quickly scan the receipts, select items and redeem offers.